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Pathfinder New Boat Models

The Undisputed Leader in Bay Boats

When you think bay boat, you think Pathfinder. That’s because Pathfinder launched the bay boat revolution nearly two decades ago and has been surpassing customer’s expectations ever since. In a world of “me too’s”, Pathfinder continues to set the standard with exceptional build quality, unsurpassed running performance, and smart layouts. Whether you’re a serious tournament angler, a weekend warrior, or a family who wants to experience everything the water has to offer, there’s a Pathfinder model designed especially for you. Come inside and see the Pathfinder difference.

When it comes to building serious fishing boats, one thing is certain…the further a company gets away from understanding what dedicated anglers want in their boats, the more underwhelming their products will be.

The boats created by Pathfinder, on the other hand, are the direct result of concepts and input from an angler-driven design team, pro guide staff, and a loyal core of customers. Each and every model and feature start with the idea of improvement and problem-solving. Pathfinders have been conceived from the ground up. They are not modified designs of existing hulls tricked out with cosmetics and features that don’t work. Pathfinders are focused products born to do one thing…to put dedicated anglers on fish and to do it with comfort and safety with sensible, proven technology and craftsmanship.